Discovery Is Our Passion!

For over the last 75 years, Wells Nursery has been propagating and growing many unique trees, many of which are exclusive Wells Nursery introductions. With over 150 acres in production, we continue to supply the nursery industry with our carefully selected grafted conifers. Trees grown in Mount Vernon, WA are shipped to many areas in the northwest, mid-west, and eastern United States. We attribute our success to careful plant selection, remarkable discoveries, and the perfect climate for growing our conifers.


    Found in a witches broom in an oriental spruce in Mount Vernon, we climbed up to the top to take cuttings off of it.  As the crew was descending,  they saw a smaller broom, of which they also took cuttings from.  The first broom cuttings evolved into “Green Knight’ and Read more...

    In Production

    The dwarf form of serbain spruce, this beauty grows with or without a leader.  It grows here about 3-4" yearly, so you would expect an 8-10' tree at about 25 years of age.  Beautiful blue-green needles, this tree is an excellent choice for the small garden. Zone 4 Read more...

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