Discovery Is Our Passion!

For over the last 75 years, Wells Nursery has been propagating and growing many unique trees, many of which are exclusive Wells Nursery introductions. With over 150 acres in production, we continue to supply the nursery industry with our carefully selected grafted conifers. Trees grown in Mount Vernon, WA are shipped to many areas in the northwest, mid-west, and eastern United States. We attribute our success to careful plant selection, remarkable discoveries, and the perfect climate for growing our conifers.


    A tree of some magnitude.  Not visible at this young age, but as the tree matures, all the lateral branches hang to the ground.  A fabulous small garden tree.  Smaller than the seedling.   Discovered in 1983

    In Production

    Unique vining plant, the climbing hydrangea does best in filtered sunlight.  It will attach to walls, fences, trellises, etc.  Beautiful creamy white, flat flowers in late spring/early summer that dry to look 'antique'.  Interesting peeling brown bark. Zone 4  Approximate growth rate is 10-12" yearly Read more...

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