Welcome to Wells Nursery

We are a third generation, family-owned nursery specializing in woody ornamental trees, Japanese maples, and shrubs. I am Roger Ragusa the General Manager, and for the last 31 years I have enjoyed the world of horticulture. My staff and I thoroughly appreciate working with our customers and community, seeking plant material for various landscape applications. Our selection is known from the San Juan islands, Whatcom, Skagit, North Snohomish and throughout the Puget Sound.

I am proud to have served under the founder Harold Wells and second-generation family manager Neil Hall. Harold always stressed the term ‘plants of merit’. This term is identified as any good, well performing plant that comes back every year, not much fuss and assists in creating a landscape of interest in color and form to meet expectation. I feel blessed that both Harold and Neil introduced several plants to the trade and that are still being propagated today.