Plant Discoveries

wells_dollys_choiceEvery one of our horticultural introductions has a story whether it be a conifer, a tree or a broad leafed evergreen.  I could go on for the next couple of hours telling you about our discoveries.

From a lucky seed source to a chance seedling or a witches broom, these plants have created who we are.  Its not an overnight process, this thing called research and development, but the final outcome has certainly been a love of life.

Conifers account for 90% of our discoveries.  Some are blue, some are gold, light green, dark green. Some are weeping, some are columnar, some are prostrate and others are in between.  One thing to remember when looking at them – they are all different.  All of them lend themselves to the landscape of the home garden.  The spruce, pine and fir varieties put on their yearly growth in May and June.  Growing 2-8″ plus a year, they do not grow all year long, as cedar, thuja, cypress and others do.

The dates listed are when I discovered the plant.  Some 30 varieties are still being propagated.   I enjoy all of them as you would your children.  I have my favorites, as any collector does.  Take a special look at Cedar, lebani ‘Green Prince’, Spruce, breweriana ‘Mountain Magic’, Dogwood, koreansis ‘Ruby Slippers’, Spruce, orientalis ‘Mount Vernon, and Pine, mugho ‘Dolly’s Choice’.  All are unique in their own way.  Yes, they all have their own story, and it’s pretty darn interesting.

Happy gardening with our discoveries!

Neil G. Hall