Our September Special!


Barberry  25% off!

We’ve received a fabulous selection of live Christmas Trees from our farm. In addition to small, table top type live trees starting at $25.00! Our farm trees are landscape ornamental varieties suited to meet your Christmas tree expectations. Not sheared Douglas Fir like everywhere else. Handsome selection of Oriental Spruce, Blue Spruce and dwarf varieties of true fir, the Abies family. All plants are in containers with soil ready for your home or office. Plant after the holiday season and be assured your tree will have a successful transplant. Yep, as always, the Charlie Brown Christmas tree is available, $1.00 (Norway spruce seedling)

Prices start at $49.95 to $99.95 – These are special prices only produced for the holiday market, all plant material is twice as much or more when priced in spring!! We’re not kid’n, come see for yourself!


Come in, we just might have some hot cider. Madeline or Roger will be happy to answer any questions you have about the material and proper landscape locations for you. Pay for the tree, but their consultation is complementary!