Tsuga mertensiana (Mountain Hemlock)

Tsuga mertensiana or Mountain Hemlock

A great selection for bringing the Northwest mountains to your home landscape, the Tsuga mertensiana, or Mountain Hemlock, offers a tree-form conifer without the substantial growth rate. Known as one of the PNW’s most beautiful native trees, it can help provide texture, depth, contrast, and especially structure to any PNW garden.


Hardiness: 4-8

Exposure: Full Sun to light shade

Height: < 20′

Spread: < 8′

Soil Type: Amended Clay –Loam, Amended Sand needs drainage

Water Requirements: Average

Note: smaller material available for container growers. Most pieces offered are native collected in single, double or triple trunked; excellent dwarf specimen for a myriad of applications from native to Asian design.


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