Neil G. Hall

We’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to our Director of Operations, Neil G. Hall.  Neil came to work at Wells Nursery in 1964 and is still involved in the day to day operations at the nursery.  Under the mentorship of Harold Wells, aka ‘The Wizard’, he learned the ins and outs of this complicated horticultural endeavor.  Neil is the explorer and discoverer, and most of the ‘Wells’ varieties were discovered by him.

With an eye for the unusual, some 50 varieties of conifers and trees have been discovered, propagated and are available to the nursery trade and the plant enthusiasts, especially those who love conifers.

Many of the varieties that we deem the best, are still being grafted and grown here in this beautiful Northwest climate.

As you look at the photos of these conifers that Wells lists on this website, you will note that many of the varieties are not common to the normal plant listings you’ll see.  With the exception of the southern part of the country, we have shipped all of our conifers through the Rocky Mountain states, the Midwest and the East Coast over these many years.